What is CONG?


I have seen a couple of mentions of CONG at the Texas Comptroller’s site. I have visited the site and can’t seem to get a grasp on what information is available there and how I can use it. Can anybody out there help me out?


CONG stands for Crude Oil and Natural Gas. Operators are required to report oil and gas sales revenues and volumes on a monthly basis to the Texas Comptroller and pay the severance tax. Severance tax is 4.6% on oil sales and 7.5% on gas sales. Gas severance tax can be reduced if the well is classified as a high cost gas well. Further, the gross sales can be reduced by certain costs, so the rate will be 7.5% of the net sales. You can access the sales revenues on the CONG and compare to your check stub. Also, the operator is required to report the sales immediately and not to wait until a completion report is filed or division orders are sent out. So you can access information on newly producing wells where there is no completion report filed yet. I have written details on how to access in other responses. Here is the access link. You simply hit login in the upper right and the system will open. Then on the left side, select Lease Drop - Crude Oil or Lease Drop - Natural Gas. For wells classified as gas wells, the oil may be reported as condensate under the Natural Gas tab.


Thank you so much, TennisDaze, your information is so informative. Very helpful to us and I appreciate all that you do.


Thanks a bunch TennisDaze. This is really helpful.

I have run into one situation though on which I would appreciate your thoughts and insight. I have some new wells and have looked them up on CONG and using PDQ reports on the Texas RRC website. The gas numbers seem to match up pretty well (although their reported “marketing costs” seem outrageous), but the oil numbers are really different. If you have any interest in helping me make sense of this, I would be more than happy to share what I have been able to find or, if you prefer, I could identify the wells in question.

Thanks again.


Identify the well(s) and I will look. I generally use the PR reporting which shows beginning and ending oil volumes. Are you looking at the disposition details on the PDQ system?


Thanks for the reply. Yea, I am. Like I say, the gas stuff pretty much matches up, but the oil is way off. The wells are CatmanB, CatmanC and CatmanD located in Ward County Texas, Block 34 Section 63. BTW, what is PR reporting?


On RRC site, Production Reports Query (Form PR). I have heard that it is updated daily and the PDQ selection is updated monthly. Most of the production volumes on the CONG have been reported under the permit numbers. CONG oil volumes for CatmanC, reported under the permit 831975, match the RRC oil disposition volumes which are under RRC Lease 08-50883. For some reason, the CatmanB and CatmanD oil volumes and revenues were reported on CONG as combined under RRC Permit 831976. That is the permit for B well. For example, in October, CONG lists 28527 bbl which is B volume 10799 + D volume 17728. Now the combined volumes and sales for the B and D are being reported to CONG under the RRC Lease 50514 (on CONG enter 050514 as 6 digits are required). This is the RRC lease number for the CatmanB well. On RRC, volumes are reported separately under RRC lease 08-50514 and 08-50537


Wow. You obviously put a lot of effort into helping me figure this out and you did a fantastic job. You are a great resource and the people on this forum are lucky to have you. Thanks oh so very much.