What is acreage going for in Pecos, TX.?

I have been approached by two interested buyers for my acreage in Pecos.

The land is in section 72, block 12.

I live out of state and have never seen the property.

Can someone inform me what is going on there?

I do not own the mineral rights. The land is highway frontage.



Hello Jim,

I was offered 4,000. per acre.

Pecos county is in the perimum basin where there is a large natural gas reserveā€¦I would guess that is why they are offering

The surface rights is probably what they want to set up operations to drill

Hey Robert,

I am in Reeves County in Pecos.

The Permian Basin covers a piece of Reeves County in Pecos.

How would I find out what blocks of Reeves County in Pecos are in the Permian Basin?

All of Reeves Co plus surrounding counties is within the Permian

Open link below and scroll down to the map showing Permian Basin


How would one find out if my land is part of The Alpine High area of the basin?

The Alpine High area is in the southern part of Reeves Co in the area where it butts up against Jeff Davis County. Let me see if I can find a display what shows the areal extent of this play area.

I assume you have the details as to the location of your minerals? (section, block, tract, etc.)

The yellow on the link below is the Alpine High area. If you google this term, you will find a lot of info


Yes, I do.

Thanks so much for helping me. Mary

Rock_Man - I own some oil and gas mineral interests in Pecos County. I know the lot, block and section. Do you know how I could actually locate the tracts on the ground, or on a map?

I received the map from a oil company who was negotiating a lease agreement with myself.