What is a pipeline Easement?

General question, and my sincere apologies in advance for my lack of knowledge…we have had several requests for easements on our property recently. We currently have two producing wells from Energen - reeves county, section 36, block 2. My general question is what is the purpose behind the increase in easement requests - and does this help (potentially) increase royalty payments down the road…meaning increase production.

We currently have an attorney reviewing our requests and he’s done a great job negotiating on our behalf- was just wondering what the true purpose of an easement is.

Many thanks!

The pipeline will move gas, oil or saltwater from producing wells to a destination, such as a gas processing plant. The pipeline may or may not be related to your wells. It could be a pipeline that a different operator needs (off-lease pipeline). It could be a very large pipeline operated by a company which is transporting gas for many different operators. Then the pipeline could have eminent domain powers. In the end, all the produced gas, oil and saltwater from every well must be moved somewhere to be processed and sold. Older pipelines were built for gas. Now oil and saltwater are also being transported.

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