What is a good bonus offer? 26-17N-8W

I have received a lease offer for mineral rights on 26-17N-8W in Kingfisher County. I'm wondering what bonuses and net revenue options other people have received in this area.

How about sharing the details about your offer?

We have received several offers ranging from $2,000 to $2,500. We are wondering if this is the range for the area or just a starting point.

The latest published for 17N 8W on the Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry site are $2,500 - 2,900. I believe 3 yr 3/16 is the norm.

Thank you for your help!

You stated the “latest published.” Is there a website that I can access to see what bonuses are being paid in certain areas?

  • See above, Oklahoma Mineral Owner Registry. The annual fee is $35. Shows bonus and drilling activity, plus other stuff I have not explored, been a user for about a year. If you have multiple mineral rights and negotiate prices it is worth the price. Probably others out there, let me know if you find a good one.

Thank you!

I wish I had joined sooner, but in hopes that you haven't already leased. I am currently representing a client in Section 33-17N-08W and she was offered $3,000/ac at 1/5th and $1,000/ac at 1/4. The CLO of Oklahoma leased their minerals for $6,153/ac at 3/16th in Section 16-17N-08W. Some may argue that the State auctions their minerals to lease thus it won't be used in determining FMV for the poolings, but it's still good information to know. I hope that helps.