What is a Bonus Check?

I inherited my father’s share of mineral rights on property in Harrison Co West VA. Antero asked us to sign an amendment to an original lease to allow for pooling related to fracking - we did this several years ago. Later on, they needed me to prove heirship which we did but we failed to have my wife sign an affidavit attesting that she was my wife and I was his sole heir Landman tracked us down several years later - all payments since 2014 had been held - we got paperwork signed and just received a huge check (over 100K) for those payments. After talking to a cousin who has a smaller share then I do - he claims he received a first check years ago (he called it a bonus check) for something like 50K. All the statements included with all the back pay I recived don’t show any sort of bonus check. What is a bonus check? Someone told be it could have been an advance payment on future expected royalties. I have emailed Antero for further info. Any ideas? Thanks

The bonus check was related to the original lease and does not include royalties. It was only for the right to drill for the primary lease term. Your father may have received the original bonus check.

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