What if you landman disapears

My landman was always available but we have not been able to get a hold of him for 4 months. I was told that I should be receiving my first check in 6 mos to a year after signing. That was March 2019. Has anyone had anything like this happen?

Sometimes companies need time to clean up issues in your ownership, like probates etc. but that should all be stated on the letter of intent outlining the terms of your agreement. Most letter agreements would expire by now unless there is excessive legal work to be done, but a year seems like a long time…

I would check and see if your mineral deed or lease is filed, and if it is, send an email or letter via certified mail notifying them of their non payment and asking for a written release of your contract or immediate payment.

If it’s not filed then I wouldn’t worry about it in my opinion. Some people write checks with their mouths that their butts can’t cash LOL

You did not mention if this was a lease or if there was a well “promised”. If it was a lease, it is always wise to not hand over a signed lease unless you are paid the bonus at the same time. If this was a well, you would need to tell us the state, county, location and then we can point you in the right direction to see if the well was even drilled.

Sorry it was the Ephriam Finley Survey in Angelina County Texas.

The internet has come thru for me. WBP Land Services is who we were working with. I found out that our landman was “let go” for his lack of follow up. We were paid our bonus when we signed the lease. It is a 3 year lease on Ephriam Finley survey. Sounds like BP didn’t have much luck with the wells they were working on and then Covid happened. I was told by Will at WBP to call in 6 months to see if there are any updates.

You can check on the RRC site to see what wells were dug and any production.