What have you been offered for your rights?

What have you been offered for rights on 13-5 and 11-5? Worth selling?

5 west is where you really see a decline compared to say 13N-6W etc. However, I still believe you should be able to get somewhere between 3k-4.5k per acre if you find the right buyer.


What is to going price to sell for NMA in 13N-6W?

5w is a little east of the merge, so that would come into consideration on pricing and dependent on what your royalty interest is will also affect your offer. old HBP leases are usually subject to a 1/8 royalty (newer leases being 3/16ths and better) will obviously result in a higher offer amount. considering those variables it can be as low as $4,000/ac and maybe as high as $6,000/ac, again these are rough estimates since so many variables come into play.

Any ideas on value of 14n 6w? Had some family sell theirs and wondering how they fared.

5w can be pretty spotty as most of the formations are much more shallow, pinch out, and historically exhibit lower productivity. There is not much in the way of HZ wells in either 11N or 13N - a few HZ Hunton in the NE of 13-5, which appear to be mediocre at best.

there is some interesting wells south of 11 in 10-5. If you can wait, you may want to let the activity come your direction before selling. I think Jonathan added some good points about the terms of the lease impacting the potential price as well, not sure what the estimated prices are based on... Ryley and Jonathan - where those actual bids you received, or saw somewhere?

it's really dependent on your royalty, taking into account current/future production etc... I've seen as low as $4,000/ac and as high as $10,000/ac (the $10,000/ac was for a really high royalty interest might I add). feel free to message me and I can help you out if I get a little more information on a specific interest.