What happens to the old horizontal well when new ones are created?


Suddenly the production of a 2014 well has dropped below half. Five new horizontals are slated to go in (I don’t know about the progress on these). Am I correct in guessing that the new wells are either absorbing the older well production, or they are in the process of shutting the older well down? Continental Resources in 3N/4W, section 17. How would I find out, and how long will the wait last until I see some results? I read the discussion about this in Kingfisher County already, but it is about an older vertical well and not another fracked well.


The majority of the things that can happen to an older vertical well can happen to a new fractured horizontal well.More that likely that older vertical well was fractured also if it is in the same formation.

Your best source of info specific to your well is going to be from the operator. However it is usually difficult to be placed in contact with those that actually know. The are going to be the ones to know what is going on. I’ve seen wells have issues recovering from shut-in even if they were not damaged in the nearby fracturing process of another well. In some cases they have been reworked to get them back into production.
Here is a chart of one such well I could locate by memory.

At least 3 of the 4 new well are in some part of the process since they were spud in Jan an Feb.


Your best chance of getting reliable information is to find a coffee shop in Lindsay with a bunch of service trucks (Halliburton, Tucker, etc) parked outside.

The likelihood of getting anyone at Continental on the phone who will say anything other than “I don’t have any information on that” is, IMHO, about the same as winning the mega lottery.


Thank you Rick, any information is useful, and you usually contribute a lot of it. We are in a “hold yer breath” phase now, hoping for division orders. But meanwhile yes, I will be calling the operator to try and pry some info out of them. I can tell that something positive is afoot by the number of phoned offers for my rights! Cheers!


I plan on doing just that, or at least getting out there in my car to see for myself. I keep hoping that Google Earth will update its imagery, but it is still 2015 as far as I can tell.


Sounds like you are computer savey.

Go to:

Search for your Section Township and Range, and the site will give you the Lat and Long for all four corners of the Section, plus the center. (Note it also returns the Lat and Long for the entire Township, so copy the correct data.)

I usually copy and paste all five locations to a text document and save it for future reference. The results are not boundary line accurate, but easily within 50 feet.

BTW, I think the Well Completion Report, Form 1002A, will show the lat and long of the well.




Geologist here. From the company prospective, they want to recover as much oil and gas from the section(s) as they can. They tend to think more holistically for all the wells versus one well. It is normal to have natural decline on the first well.
You said “suddenly”. That could be due to fracking of wells within a certain radius around your well. It could be due to natural decline. If you are talking about the Omer well, it does look like a shut in. The Hines well looks pretty good with some minor shut ins. Sometimes, it is due to mechanical problems at the surface.

The new wells should have better technology applied to them in completions and fracking techniques. Sometimes they go back in and re-frac an old well. Sometimes they just drill a newer replacement well. What they are trying to do is drill the new wells just close enough to the old well and each other to effectively drain the area between them. Think of tree roots just barely intermingling at a distance out from the main root. A little robbing of Peter to pay Paul, but overall better recovery. The new Omer wells should be online shortly. They were spud in Jan and Feb from sec 20. Each well takes about four-five months to drill and complete. They may delay production until they frac all of them at the same time, so that may take a bit longer if they drill them back to back. Some of the Omer wells go south into 29, so that may delay the frac even longer. But saves them money!


Such good info, thank you so much. Don’t mind waiting if its for something good, and five wells have to be better than one, no? I said suddenly because the (modest) production went down by more than half in a month, so I figured it was probably a shut in. Still hoping to get up there and snoop around a bit…


You should be able to call CLR ask…is prod down due to offset frack of those newer wells? The owner relations may not KNOW, but they can ask…