What happens now?

I just received a phone called stating that EOG will be building a well on my mineral rights land. They will contact me again in a few months. Can anyone tell me what to expect next?

Mr. Fair,

Do you own any interest in the surface of the land at all?

Probably they will stake the location of the wellsite, if a road is needed to access the location they will probably start building a road made of gravel and caliche. Then eog will build a surface location typically betwen .5 to 2 acres where they will bring in the drilling rig and equipment as they prepare to spud your well. Your oil and gas lease may have certain terms regarding the location of the pad, depending on if you own any surface rights and pertially depending on what state your in, also another factor to consider is what type of well eog will be drilling. For example a deep well which they plan on doing a multistage frac job when completing the well might mean they dig several pits, and I assume they would locate the pad near a fresh water source if ones available.