What Does this Mean?

EOG just posted this on their website:

In Montague County, the Ketchum Unit #1H and #2H were BROUGHT TO SALES at 496 and 638 Bopd with increasing rich natural gas rates of 354 and 455 thousand cubic feet per day, respectively.

Also in Montague County, the Farrell Unit A #1H, A #2H, B #3H and B #4H began INITIAL PRODUCTION (I think I now know what this means) at crude oil rates ranging from 335 to 475 Bopd with 1.0 to 1.4 MMcfd of rich natural gas. EOG has 100 percent working interest in these wells.

And now, I see terms like TURNED TO SALES; COMPLETED TO SALES, FLOWING TO SALES - so what do these terms mean and how are they different from INITIAL PRODUCTION?

I've never seen these terms in any of the Oil/Gas 101 articles.

Essentially, these terms are synonomous, with the exception of “flowing to sales” which implies that the well did not require any kind of pump or artificial lift to bring oil and gas to the surface. Any of the other terms would allow for the well to be produced using some type of artificial lift (pumping unit, submersible pump, jet pump, etc.)

OK - then what does TURNED TO SALES and COMPLETED TO SALES if they are synonomous but different than the term “flowing to sales” . Thanks for explaining that, but I don’t understand the other two terms.