What does Shut In mean?

There were 8 wells permitted by Endeavor. Of the 8 Bankhead wells I see 5 say shut in oil and 3 still say permitted. Just wondering exactly what the “shut-in” means. There was a rig on location back in July and a few weeks ago I saw a pulling unit and wireline truck on location.

The term shut-in means they have finished drilling but for some reason the wells haven’t been completed yet, and thus are not producing hydrocarbons at this time. There are lots of wells in that status, some only for a few weeks but others that may stay on hold much longer before being completed, or possibly plugged.

Just a guess but, since the 8 wells you referred to were drilled from the same pad, Endeavor may be waiting until they finish drilling all 8 before they frack and complete any of them. That way a frack spread only has to be set up once and everything can be done in sequence. Endeavor is completing lots of wells out there so that pad may be waiting in line for the frack crew and equipment to be available. When you see that pad filled with equipment again the next stage should be starting.

10 4 appreciate the information. Will be interesting to see how they all turn out. That is a lot of drilling!