What does receiving a Division Order mean

I received a division order from XTO for the following areas

Township 154N Range 95 Section 35

Township 154N Range 94W Section 6

Does this mean new action? I have been doing this for a while but still learning.

Yes, you should see the name of the new wells on the DO. You can look up the wells on the North Dakota oil & gas website.


And, of course, in North Dakota you are not required to sign division orders. I never do anymore.

I do sign division orders if the decimal is correct. In states that do not require them, I still want a record of what we agreed to and I want that record in my files for my children when they inherit. As properties get sold over the decades, having that original DO has been useful. Also, I do not want federal income tax taken out, so they need the W-9. We take 15% depletion out so that saves on the taxes.

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On the division orders, to each his/her own. I think the decimal is appropriately documented in the statements accompanying the monthly checks. The oil companies are bastards and I don’t like their letters demanding that I sign division orders and implying they won’t pay if I don’t. On some of my properties, they ask for division orders on new wells when I have repeatedly signed on prior wells. I just like telling them no.

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“The oil companies are bastards” - the portion of the oil companies that most mineral owners are dealing with, the division order departments, are primarily younger and older ladies. Just random nice American females either starting out in the business or kinda winding down. Daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. Dealing with a wall of never ending requests and ownership changes and impatient unreasonable gripes from both inside and outside sources. Just sayin. Clearly everyone else in the oil companies have cloven hoofs and horns.

To original post, there is nothing going on from XTO in those sections. Old Sakakawea well in Sec 35 (which may have had ownership changes due to riparian settlement?) and then nothing in Sec 6.

They (XTO) aren’t drilling wells. Trying to sell their acreage.

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We also received two new division orders from XTO recently for wells in some of the same locations. If your division orders refer to the Tom State wells, they are located on a drilling pad in T154N, R95W, Sec 1 of Williams County (SE 1/4). We just received two new division orders for these wells too. However, we are trying to get the locations and decimal ownership interest corrected by writing to XTO in Texas. We recently had XTO back out a huge portion of what they paid us in 2022 by claiming the most productive wells in this lot of six Tom State wells were incorrectly booked. Their explanation to us mentioned something about it being booked to the wrong JV (assume this means joint venture). If they jointly developed these wells with another party, that party should be responsible for paying mineral owners as well.