What does it mean to be force pooled for "curative reasons"?

Hi all,

My dad owns some mineral rights that were leased for three years, but never received any payments. He says that someone called him and told him there "may" be a dispute regarding the title for this asset. He was informed that he had been forced pooled for curative reasons by action of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, but when he called the Corporation Commission, they didn't know what he was talking about.

None of this makes sense to me, so I was wondering if anyone in this group could kindly point me in the right direction in terms of researching his question. Has anyone heard the phrase "for curative reasons" used in this type of inquiry?

Thanks so much!


You are asking for legal advice, which is ok so long as you recognize that the internet is probably not the best place to get reliable answers. An attorney with experience in Oklahoma Corporation Commission matters is your best source. Also, organizations like NARO can help you find an attorney that is royalty owner friendly.

Robin, rather than contacting the commission you need to contact the operator/lessee.