What does all this mean? our family is trying to figure this out

my dad has several of these in reeves county. we don't understand what all these descriptions mean. they say royalty interest on the top.

does anyone know what raw owner and cleaned owner mean?

Topat Oil is operator of Randolph well. 08-18822 is RRC lease ID number. Location is 80 acres in Section 46, Block 57, Twn 2, Reeves County. Royalty decimal interest is 0.000977 so small portion n of minerals. Old well whichis small producer with only 1 load of oil sold annually in recent years. Contact the operator about any royalties due. If your father is deceased, you will need to file copy of probate in deed records to transfer title to his heirs.

thanks for the information, it says 80 acres . does this mean his share of net acres or his acres?

The well is on 80 acres for allocation and spacing. That may have been requirement under field rules or because the leases covered 80 acres and the well could then hold 80 acres. Assuming a 1/8 royalty rate, your father owns about 0.625 acre out of the 80 acres. The royalty decimal is calculated by the formula of Royalty rate X Owner net acres / Gross acres in well unit. It is also possible that your father has an NPRI (non-participating royalty interest) in the acreage and that calculation would be different and depends on the language in the deeds from the original owner down to your father. You need to find the deed or assignment into your father and then trace back through the deed records to determine exactly what he owns.

thank you, he is still alive and we will help him out