What does "additional proposed well" mean?

I am leased, drilled, frac'ed and receiving checks for almost one year now. I have one 1- H well with a few more as possibilities in the future. My production dropped almost 90% in January. I am in La Salle County NW, 8 miles from Cotulla.

I talked to CHK today.

They told me the following:

  • Our well was down for a few weeks for fracking. They were not fracking a new well in our pool, so they must have been refracking 1H, he thinks. Production is now back on. No problems.
  • CHK has proposed a second well, named 5H. It has not yet been approved, he thinks, but is not sure. His information is sketchy.

My question here is what does "proposed 5-H" mean? I was under the impression that a well is applied for with the TX RR Commission, then approved (or not). I thought that the next well would be 2- H and so on.

Thank you

Don't get hung up on names, 2H, 3H and 4H are probably nearby, just not yours.

They could have shut in your well while someone elses well was fracked, just to be safe.

I don't understand your answer. The man said that the well re-fracked is ours and not someone else's. Why would they say that after much paper shuffling? He said there are no new wells frac'ed in the nearby area in our pool. Just ours. Are you saying that if there will be 5 wells on our pad they would just have random numbers, not like all others which are numbered 1H, 2 H, 3 H, such as the case with Maltzberger 10 or Storey 10 and so on? It would just be a series of random numbers in our case? Why would that be? There are only 2 wells in our pool. A LAS and B LAS which is us. Thank you for your answer though.

E. M. Cook,

Mr. Kennedy is likely correct. As far as the 1H, 2H, etc. discussion goes usually operators like Chesapeake will sit down and 'draw' out a development plan on a map. This will likely start with a 1H and, for example, end with a 10H. They might drill the 1H first, they might drill the 7H first, but all of the numbers likely make sense if you are looking at CHK's master future development plan, but might not make sense to you at the time.

As far as the "proposed 5H" is concerned, the CHK person is referring to a proposed permit with the Texas Railroad Commission. So, you are correct there in that they proposed a permit with the Texas RRC for the Cook Unit A LAS 5H on 2/25/2014 and they are currently awaiting the RRC to approve that permit so that they can proceed in drilling the well.

As far as the well being shut-in for frac'ing, I believe you misheard the CHK person or that he/she was misinformed in what they told you. I do not believe that your well would be refrac'ed for any reason at this point. CHK and other operators like to shut-in any well that is located within a mile or so of any of their producing wells while a well in the area is being frac'ed out of caution. This is to avoid any potential damage to the wellbore of the producing well. What likely happened in January is that Chesapeake or another operator was frac'ing a well within a 1+ mile range of your well (not in your unit) and so your well was shut-in as a precaution. This is totally common and a good thing and the only negative is the lower-than-expected check for the shut-in period.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply. We are however not the Cook unit. There is a Cook unit. We are Van Cleve unit B LAS and I found no permit app for us. In answer to me mishearing the person with CHK. No, I asked 3 to 4 times and he thinks we were re-fracked and knows for sure there are NO other wells being frac'd within a few miles of ours in January. The only other wells permitted in our area according to him is the Van Cleve A LAS which we own no part of and they have not drilled those yet, according to CHK. They have a total of 4 permitted since last year, all nice and neat 1 H, 2 H, 3H, and 4 H. See why I stay confused? I am really just curious how and why they do what they do. Thank you!