What does a well on Confidential List really mean?

Hi there. My non-business minded wife just inherited mineral rights to 14 wells in McKenzie county. All 14 show in Confidential status, with no future notification date given.

Does Confidential status mean that the wells have been drilled? Also, not sure if Confidential status means they are “producing” wells - or is that a secret until the Confidential status expires? I read six months is the confidential time period, but I can’t find anything anywhere on these wells on the ND site on when the Confidential status began, since all it says is that they’re confidential. I can’t even tell when that status started- can I?

If you give the section, township and range, I may have another way to find out the spud dates.

OK - If I’m reading my docs right I see six of the wells showing "Section 13 into 1, 153 N Township, and Range 97 W.

Another three show 10 / 153 / 97

And another five show 1 / 153 / 97.