What Do I Need To Sell Mineral Rights?

My father passed away in February and had mineral rights that he was collecting small royalty checks on. My father left his estate to my two sisters and I and I'd rather just sell the mineral rights rather than trying to divide everything up into three equal portions.

What do I need to have in order to sell the mineral rights? How do I go about it? I have a copy of the lease agreement and have a legal description of the asset.

Thanks for any help.

You can list them for sale on the home page of this website, at the bottom. You could also contact the current lessees on the wells to see if they are interested. There are also some websites that specialize in selling mineral interests and leases.

Thanks Wade! Can you tell me what documentation I'd need to sell them?

It depends how the interest passed to you, I.e. through a deed, estate, etc.

I would certainly like to see the legal description of your acreage, as I purchase minerals if your still interested in selling.

If you are still in the market for selling, let me know. I can get you an offer.