What do Grady County Mineral Owners Want to Know?

Hi Grady Mineral Owner Community,

I was wondering the following:

When it comes to your minerals, what sort of information are you most interested in knowing? Would it be the fair-market-value of your minerals if you where to get leased? What about if you already have production on your property, are you interested in knowing how long that production will continue? What about just general oil and gas activity happening around your area?

I am very interested in hearing what is the most pressing issue for most Oklahoma mineral owners.

Thank you very much!

Why? Curiosity? Research? Business related? For what purpose do you seek answers to your questions?

Purpose of my questions to you? Curiosity......

Carl, this question is legit, but be careful about your advertising your services on the site. When you joined, you agreed to the terms of membership. Services should be in the MKT PLACE and you have been advertising them on the county forums. Just a gentle reminder....