what companies are buying in loving

Curious to see who is in the area and what people are being offered in block 33

The recent horizontal drilling players in Block 33 include OXY, RKI, Matador, Anadarko, Shell and Apache. These same players roll across the county line along the river into Ward County.

I am not familiar with lease offer details here.

Realize that these companies have not leased in their name in the past / instead they use contractors & brokers that have been hired (and who lease under their own name and then assign leases to their client).

Good luck on finding more data.

I was just focused on Block 33 in Loving Co. But these are all possibilities in the Delaware Basin

Hi K,

COG is offering to buy in West Texas and NM. Got it in the mail today with our royalties check.



Black Mountain/Eclipse Midstream Services is buying in Loving county....but they are also buying in Reeves, Culberson, Ward, Winkler, and just recently Pecos/Jeff Davis counties.

We got a buy offer for Loving Texas. The well(s) are still producing, though diminished from the beginning. We have a lease and royalty agreement. What’s going on? Anybody know?