What area in Reeves co has the most activity

I own minerals in Sec 16 blk 4 and Sec 19 Blk 4 and Sec 241 blk 13. I’m considering selling some of my minerals but wanted to know the activity going on here compared to other areas of Reeves Co. I don’t know where these are located. If anyone can tell me the town close by and the direction from that town, it would be greatly appreciated.

I appreciate your feedback.

Attaching a couple of RRC maps with the sections you asked about outlined in green. Assuming all three of the sections you are talking about are in the H&GN RR Co. Survey, then Section 16 & 19, Blk 4 are about 7 miles north of Pecos, and Sec. 241, Blk 13 is about 7 miles west of Saragosa.

Here’s a link to the map section of RRC’s website where you can pull up the details on wells that have been permitted or completed in those area.


Thank you for the information provided. I appreciate it.

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Hi I believe my family has interest in section 295 in document above. Is there a way I can get information on it. Thank you