What are my rights by having land in Lincoln co given to me that has oil and gas pumping on it

I had some land given to me from a friend. The land is in Lincoln co and I don't know what I'm entitled to or what's going on on the land cause I live in Missouri, although we did come there to do and did a quick claim deed and got it notarized. But I don't know much about this stuff so any info would be great.

glad to see a job well done.


I see your deed filed in Lincoln County. It's impossible to see what interest was conveyed to you, but I'd guess it's some undivided mineral interest in the section. There isn't any real production, so you're probably now entitled to royalties. Basically, unless you want to run full title on the interest, you have to just wait for someone to eventually, possibly, call you for a lease.

Thank you for replying,I did talk to the oil company when I first got the land and their telling me that they have signed a pooling order already and that I'm only intitlle to 1% at production. I know this isn't right, so what are the names of some good Lawyers. Also We have some paperwork from our friend that owned the land before us, there's a letter from an oil co attempting to pay him a bouns consideration pursuant to pooling order in the amount 0f $42.86(0.190476 acres x $225 which he never recieved because he never completed or returned his W-9 form. The name of oil co is Equal Energy and I tried to call them the other day and someone told me their name changed if so does anyone know their new name