What are lease offers in Taylor County looking like these days?

I just received an oil and gas lease offer for property in the NW part of Taylor County, TX (near Merkel). The bonus offered is $25 per acre and the royalty offer is 1/8 (12.5%). This seems low to me on both sides, but my only recent experience is with leases in Dawson County where things are a lot more active.

Can anybody offer information about what other offers are looking like in Taylor County? Thoughts on the level of exploration and the success rate in that area?

Not much activity but seems low. Maybe ask what prospect they are going for, as it can affect what you ask for. In other words, if it is a little 900’ shallow well, a little higher, but if something 2000’+ then quite a bit higher. Probably difficult to get better than $250/acre and 20%.

Thanks so much for your reply. I really appreciate it.

What a shame (for landowners) that there isn’t open bid/ask price data like you can get for stocks and commodities!