Wharton 33-1 33-2N-5w

I have received NO revenue from this well.

Does anyone know anything about it’s production?

Owned by Gulfport Energy Corp after recent transfer from Vitruvian II Woodford LLC (2017)

Thank you for any information

Last production appears to have been in April of 2011.

At this point am I able to have my property rights returned and the lease terminated? What would be the necessary steps to take?

If the lease should have expired if was not “held by production” and if the company is not relying upon a shut-in royalty clause. You could issue a demand for release of the lease from the most current holder, which would likely be ignored. You could also file a quiet title action. However, I doubt that the former lease would hinder another company from offering a lease.

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If there is no production, then the lease expired under its own terms. You do not have to do anything. You are free to lease again.

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