Wexco Resources - anyone dealt with them in Wyoming?

Has anyone heard of or dealt with Wexco Resources in Goshen County, Wyoming regarding oil and gas leases?

Ted Preston is a better one to talk to for our area. I can give you his number if you want it. We have been working with him on our place.

Thanks, David - I’ve seen some of his comments on this forum and have noted down his number. Might give him a call if we decide to pursue this.

Look for people who would eventually get the leases to Noble or Chesapeake. They seem to be the big players here. Chesapeake is going to have wells two miles on each side of us and Noble is going to stake one to the east of us too.

Yes, we have delt with them and are not impressed, they signed a contract and then decided after 35 days not to honor it. We wasted alot of time on them and money for not. Plus they took us out of the chance to lease to another party since we had an agreement with them.

There are many things to consider when you lease that go far beyond bonus and royalty. we will work with you to help you understand the process of drilling horizontal wells, why there is so much interest in the Niobrara and in Goshen County in particular and what impact they play is going to have on you, your property, your family and the community.

This is a very interesting discussion to me, as it coincides a bit with what is going on with our mineral rights in Converse County Wyoming. We have 2553.86 acres in Northern Converse County; 1773.86 acres was leased by Chesapeake in 2008; the other 1280 acres is presently unleased since March this year. We contacted Chesapeake to see if they would be interested in leasing the unleased acres and they said to give them our terms and they would look at it, and, that they were concentrating most of their efforts in Southern Converse County right now. I also contacted several other companies and they simply said they would get back with us when they get into our area. There are oil wells in several different sands completly surrounding our holdings; they are from 3 to 15 miles away from us with new active drilling taking place in several different sands on much of it. It rather surprised me that they aren’t a bit more interested in getting the rest of these acres tied up.