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So you’ll know…

It is extremely beneficial if questions are placed in the proper Category. Prior to creating a New Topic, observe these rules:

  • use the search function (the spyglass icon in the upper right) using keywords to understand what is already here in the forum. Even if you don’t find your answer, you’ll gain a sense of what Category will serve you best

  • if you decide to create a New Topic, navigate to the Category in which you want to post it

  • click the +New Topic button, and the text editor will appear (with the Category pre-populated:grinning:)

  • Type a useful, short, keyword rich title. Words and phrases like “I want”, “help”, “can you please”, “I’m a newbie”, are useless and wasting of your valuable title real estate. People SCAN the titles similar to newspaper headlines. Create a communicative, useful title.

If your question or comment is clearly specific to a certain County, place your question in the proper County, and include your location (section, township, range, abstract etc.) within that County. Oil and Gas laws are different in each state - as such, the community here can’t help you efficiently without sufficient detail.

If your question is not specific to a particular County, choose from among our other Category offerings.