Wetzel County WV Minerals

We own 33 acres on mineral rights in Wetzel County WV. Should we sell now or wait? And who is buying? Tks!

It really depends on your goals. If you need cash now, then sell now. It’s not a horrible time to sell, but it’s not the best time. The market’s on its way up for the moment, so you should be able to get a decent price.

On the other hand, if you are financially stable I recommend you hold on to them. They should be more valuable over time than in a one time sale. This is a long-term investment, though, because even if you know someone is interested in leasing and developing it may be a while before you can get cash from them. It’s also speculative because you don’t know when or if someone will offer to lease, and then you don’t know if they’ll actually drill, produce, and pay royalties.

Wetzel County is a great area to own mineral rights. The Marcellus and Utica are both prolific producers and if someone develops that property it’s going to pay out well.

Look into it a little more. A few questions you may want to ask:

If your not leased, is anyone taking leases in the area? Does it look like there is activity in and around your area? There is so much that goes into leasing and/or selling.

As Kyle stated, do you need the money now or can you wait to see if any production comes out of it?

From experience, if you decide to sell, you don’t want to take a low offer knowing it’s worth more. It’s hard to give you companies on the forum as to the rules to this forum.

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