Wetzel County purchase/royalties standards

I have recently been offered a contract for purchase of a property I inherited in Wetzel County that belonged to my Grandmother through her family. The offer was for $5500/acre and included no retention of royalties. The parcels are Church District 02-11-54, 02-15-18 and 02-15-16, the interest of my grandmother, Lillian Horner Parish. Obviously there are a lot of questions that need to be answered regarding the current state of the ownership or leasing status of the minerals and the availaility of clear title. The Operator seeking the purchase of this property is Three Rivers Royalty, LLC. All guidance will be appreciated!

hello,if you like email me fouttyr@aol.com, my mother was lillian beha foutty, E Z horner was i believe grandfather, would like to know more about this lease, and also i inherited a portion of 44 acres of royalties in wezel county, grant district, thank you

Hi Randall - I guess were sort of cousins. Lillian Horner Parish was my grandmother. This is the first that I’ve learned of this interest…but since my grandfather, Grover Cleveland Parish was a driller, and there were wells on the property named Horner I am beginning to see how my grandmother and grandfather got together! My grandfather was partners with Carl Cromwell in the Lower Permian from the beginning - right after Santa Rita #1 came in - and drilled Santa Rita #2 thru #17. It’s kind of a long story…but I inherited no royalties or interests, and found myself in the renewable energy industry after I came back from Vietnam. My friend and accountant, Carolyn McKee, has been in the O/G business for her entire profesional career, and will be making inquiries - I’m passing your email on to her. On the other side, I’d like to know more about my WV kin! Kind regards, C Gunn Haydon