Wetzel county oil and gas activity

Does anyone have any information regarding oil and gas activity in Wetzel County? We have property in the Marcelluss shale area and signed a lease with Southwestern energy. 17 acres. I consulted with an attorney in that area and we each received $200 signing bonus and I was able to get 18% at the wellhead with no post production costs and some other protective jargon I’m unfamiliar with. They had no problem with what I asked for. The started drill a “super” well pad in April but I haven’t heard anything. I’ve left a few messages with SW owner relations only to get a voice mail. They call back but I keep missing them. Is this a good company? I’ve heard it is. Anyone know anything about our area? It’s in Proctor. Any activity? Anything to get my Hope’s up about? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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The best way to keep up with activity is the West Virginia Office of Oil and Gas Weekly Reports site. Go to this link, and read the instructions. Not straightforward, and you have to look at each of the permits for Wetzel in the Application Extender site to see where they are (which district etc). but there is not any easier way that I know of. If you know of API numbers for the wells that are permitted you can be more direct with this, including going to the Application Extender site with the API number. It should start 47103 then a 5 digit number for the specifici well. Ask if you have more questions. This can get complicated!


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Is it normal to go a year and not hear anything regarding progress of drilling? I was told they wanted to start asap. Now I cant get ANYONE to give me any information. I’ve called Southwestern and they said they wouldn’t know anything until the wells are in production. Then they send out division orders. Even my landman doesn’t know anything. It’s so frustrating.

Hello There: Checking with anyone who knows how much OIL and GAS is being produced in the Central District, Wetzel county area now? The reason why I am asking is, because my new landman contacted me and told me that there is going to be 6 new wells going in on the property that I have mineral rights on and I wanted to know about the current situation for that area if anyone knows? That is 6 wells on 150 acres by the way. EQT owns the land now since 2015, but I am a mineral owner. Or one of them. The landman also indicated that they would be working on putting them in after april 2020 sometime. Just curious and wanted to get someone’s advice and knowledge if they have gone through the process already with their mineral rights situation in that area. The landman did say that this area is really booming now. Fracking is being done there. Okay. Thanks in advance and I hope to hear from somebody if they know. Thank you again. Linda

My brother and I also leased our mineral rights in Wetzel county. Close to Proctor in the Marcelluss shale area but to Southwestern Energy. We have 17 acres and they’re building a “super well pad”. They were supposed to drill right away, last April, however we haven’t received any division orders and I cannot find out anything regarding the property. I feel it’s in limbo between our landman and SW. Frustrating. I’ve tried contacting Southwestern Royalty owner relations and they don’t have any information until the wells start production. I have heard it is a hot bed of activity, so here’s praying!! Good luck on your search.

Hi there Thanks and good luck with you and your brother. Yes I’m just curious to see when I get a divisional letter. Signed a lease two yrs ago. Linda

You can easily access well data on all of the wells on surrounding property/parcels with just a few mouse clicks. Follow these steps: access the WV Department of Environmental Protection – Office of Oil and Gas website; click on “Oil & Gas Database”; click on “Database and Map Information”; click on “Oil & Gas Map Search”. This will initially show you just the map of West Virginia, but then it gives you some options to find the other operating wells. You will need to have a good idea of the exact location of your parcel, map coordinates would be best. However, under “Location Search,” you only need the address or “Point of Interest.” You can visualize the wells under several different types of “map layers.” Try “2011 aerial photography” as the default value in your right margin to start. Once you are honed in to your parcel, you can check or compare the map, which you can expand and see quite clearly, to any existing map your landman sent you, just to make sure you’re at the correct location. If so, now just take a look at all of the surrounding wells, which you will be able to click on individually in order to see their recent history of production. This will provide graphs and charts showing yearly production for both oil and gas. The map will also indicate the presence of any horizontal wells and their direction. Whether there is one well or 6 wells wouldn’t ordinarily make any difference on the 150 acres, as long as you’re satisfied with the net per mineral acre signing bonus and royalties being paid. However, the biggest red flag that I see with 6 wells is EQT wanting to later use them for gas storage rights, which I would vehemently oppose in a contract. Moreover, without looking at all of the geology and formations they plan on accessing, it’s hard to comment on how justified EQT is installing 6 wells within 150 acres.

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Hi Linda, I am checking to see if you heard anything on your question about producing wells on the 150 acres in the Center District of Wetzel County. My family did have a lease with EQT for 150 acres in the district and the tax receipt listed the Daniel Lambert well. Did your lease mention this well if so we may be mineral rights owners on the same parcel ? Thanks Joe

Hi Linda, I am following up on a previous email concerning the 150 acres in the Center District of Wetzel County. I received a letter a couple of weeks ago from a company that was taking over the EQT leases for this area I believe . We have leases that list a Daniel Lambert well and a B.C. Merrifield well. The company is Diversified Production , LLC and I just received a check from them for a lease that was with EQT on a Smith well that is not producing. The lady I spoke with after receiving the letter didn’t known how many leases they would be getting from EQT. Thanks, Joe

Hi Joe: How are you? Eqt still owns the property. 150 acres. And I was told by my landman on the property that there is 5 wells going in on the property right now. I’m waiting for a dividend letter to follow. Linda

Also forgot to ask any idea how I can get map coordinates using the below info?

Alan and Linda, Hello I am trying to find out some info on some mineral rights my wife inherited recently. Wanted to know if we could google earth it to watch the progress on wells. I did read what Alan wrote above and will try that but figured I would type this out right quick before hand. We signed a lease with EQT about 3 months ago and got our signing bonus a couple of weeks ago. The lease says located in Center District, Wetzel County, West Virginia, including that certain real property described in Deed Book 105, Page 39 and being the tracts(s) described in the aforesaid deed containing Fifty two (52) acres, more or less. Tax Map Number(s): Map 8, Parcels 50, 51, and 59 and we only have an acre of it. Check stated: Area US/WV/WETZEL Center 54-103-01-8-50 GIS Tax Parcel 54-103-01-8-59 if that helps any. As you can tell I am pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff but willing to learn. Also can or should we get a copy of what EQT filed with courthouse and to ensure the land gets properly put in wife’s name? Any help on this would be great. I did join NARO hoping for info and or help but not much available it seems. We understand that it may not amount to much but something is better than nothing. Son thought we were going to be like Jed Clampett with $$$$. Told him no probably only a couple K a year but who knows (not me). Also we are not local. We are on the MS Gulf Coast which is why we wondered if we could watch the building and such on Google. Thank you for your time and experience.