Wetzel County minerals lease over 100 years old, Tax Parcel 04-18-1

Several years ago, my sisters and I inherited mineral rights for 103 Acres in Wetzel County, from a lease drawn up over 100 years ago. Today we each received a certified letter from EQT (Partition of Minerals) saying we had 10 days to return a signed form that had three options. 1. to be a co-plaintiff, 2. to be a defendant (If I don't choose to be a co-plaintiff), or 3. to be a defendant (if I don't choose.) Wondering if anyone else has received this letter, and what would be the best response. It sounds like catch 22 to me.


I would suggest you contact an attorney and NOT sign anything without speaking to a lawyer first. I am NOT an attorney, but have property in Wetzel County and work with a specific attorney in the region. Feel free to 'Friend' me on this site and I will share some insight.