Wetzel county bonus rates


How much lease bonuses in wetzel county?


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You need to reply to this answer and add your section, township and range or similar legal location since bonuses will vary by the geology at that location.


Thanks for helping with this M. Barnes. Just so you know, in West Virginia we don’t use section, township and range but rather county and district. Within a district there can be a big difference in value, depending on things. But that would help narrow things down.


Those early colonies use a different survey method. Metes and bounds, etc. Louisiana purchase and a few other areas use the rectangular survey. Anyway, the geology makes a huge difference in the bonus amounts. Your WV friends on the forum can help with that information.


Yes thanks! The township section range has an advantage in narrowing things down pretty well. Many mineral owners in WV don’t live with their minerals and might find it difficult to locate them on a map but you can be sure that the companies know as much as possible about the geology of the area before they approach you with an offer!


WV most likely has an Oil and Gas division at the state level. Most of those divisions in other states have nice GIS websites where you can zoom in and see where you are located. Also a good thing is to search out the investor presentations of the operators in your area to see what they are saying, what their plans are and see if they have any maps on their slide deck. (Take the sales hype with a grain of salt), but useful for getting the drift of what is happening in your area.


WV Office of Oil and Gas interactive map If you know the API number you can find the location. Or if you are familiar with the geography.


The minerals I have are in church and Proctor districts. A. Krometis was a landowner as well as R Ziegenfuss. The mineral rights deed about 800 total acres was from the Tegarden family.