Wetzel co oil gas

EQT, they are wanting me to sign a lease for $1 an acre for 44 acres, i have not signed, was curious to what the rate is for a lease in wetzel county wv, thanks

In the right areas of Wetzel County, leases are going for $4500 - $6000, or more, per acre. Google Kyle Nuttall, at Nutall Legal. Lots of good info on his website. Good luck.


Are you sure you heard them right? I agree with Clay about contacting Kyle Nuttall. Even the worst accessible area in Wetzel County is worth much more than a dollar!

it is written in contract they sent me , i didnt sign the first one and now the second one isnt going to get signed either ,


Sometimes a good attorney can get you a lease with a different company. That might be your best plan here. EQT is not likely to offer a good lease in many ways, not just bonus money.

Is it in the paragraph titled witnesseth where they mention (one dollar) and other good and valuable consideration? That is a term that a mineral right attorney will explain to you. I'm in the process of working with Kyle Nuttall because if you read his blogs on his website and his comments on the various counties of WV mineral rights forum you will find he knows the ins and outs very well!

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