West Edmond Hunton Lime Unit

I am need to find current and past oil and gas sales for the West Edmond Hunton Lime Unit. I have searched for the total monthly oil and gas sales with no luck. I visited with a rep for Drilling Information, he is unable to find anything. Could it be possibly that data may on a tract basis within the unit. The WEHLU consists of many tracts. If anyone can give me a direction as to where to locate production data please advise Ledlie Powell

Hello Leslie, Could try the OTC Gross Production Public Pun Search at https://otcportal.tax.ok.gov/gpx/gp_PublicSearchPUNbyLegal.php. Has several options to search for the particular well your looking for. If you search by the legal description it will output a list of wells on that section. Click on the PUN, then click on the Production History tab. That will show a rolling 12 month list.

Good Luck, Josh

This unit has come up before on the forum, so hunt for it in the search. The only one that has accurate production and sales will be the operator. And they may not tell you. The OTC tax site will have the last 12 months (albeit about four months late) for free, but you can order the previous months for a small fee. I can almost guarantee that the gas numbers will not match your check stub due quite a few reasons. You can find section production on the OTC, but the unit economics are calculated at a higher level.

OTC Gross production link: Gross Production

Usually, the wells are posted by their bottom hole location, but not always.

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