West Coast Land Service Contacted You?

I would be very interested to hear from anyone within Section 27, Township 28 South, Range 28 East . Have you signed a lease with West Coast Land service? We’ve been informed we are the remaining 20% to sign out of 100 acres. Thanks so much, Mary

I'm from Township 27 South, Range 24 East M.D.M. and signed lease with Vintage Petroleum, LLC. The company handling the paperwork is Maverick Petroleum and they said we were the last to sign and if we didn't sign we would just not receive anything when they drilled. Don't know for sure what would have happened if we didn't sign.


Thanks for your reply, Janet,
It is my understanding from a conversation with an oil attorney that drillers cannot commence drilling unless they hold all the leases within a block of land. But I am envious that you had Maverick as your agent and Vintage is the drilling company. West coast land service wants to keep our driller unknown. I have a further questions if you don’t mind, as we are still negotiating. Did Vintage or a Maverick representative sign as lessee? If you don’t mind sharing your lease terms, we would appreciate understanding what the current average terms are. WCLS is offering $35 per acre @ 1/6 royalty.
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PS: tried to answer earlier but must have hit the wrong ‘reply’ button. Hope this makes it to you.

Vintage Petroleum signed as lessee. We negotiated a 5 year lease for $50/acre and 1/5 royalty.

Very helpful, Janet. Thanks once again. Mary