West Capa Field

Recently Rigs were suddenly moved out of the area. Does anyone know why that might be. In a couple cases these were recently moved in to position, then moved. Thank you. Randy

It's hard to say. Some companies will use a rig to spud wells and then move off the site to another well. Later, the main rig moves in and completes the well. If that is the case, they have 90 days to return to complete the drilling.

As Ed says, it sounds like they used less capable rigs to drill the vertical part, usually cheaper that way. The more capable rig comes later and finishes the job. I have a friend who had one of these less capable rigs try to begin drilling and it was so bad it could not drill straight enough down that after 4 attempts the hole had to be abandoned and they went to the next scheduled well site. You would not want one of those rigs to drill the horizontal, it's unlikely they could remain in the pay zone.