WELU Oil Property Royalies

Our family trust has mineral rights in the WEHLU production zone. There are three wells that have been producing since the late 40’s. For the past 10 years, Sunoco has been paying the production proceeds to our trust but only listing oil production. Revolution purchased the rights from Sunoco at the end of 2020. The payments from Revolution reflect Oil, Plant Products (sputter) and Natural Gas production. Sunoco never listed the additional items in their payments. The well locations are are in Oklahoma County ; Section 5 Township 13N Range 4W Quarters SW/4 SE/4, Section 30 Township 14N Range 4E Quarters E/2 NW/4, Section 30 Township 14N Range 4E Quarters E/2 NW/4. The last two wells are side by side. Should Sunoco have included these items in their payments? If so what is our recourse?

As an aside, I’d like to thank the Forum for all the wonderful information that it provides, and a particular thanks to all the experts who contribute a wealth of their knowledge to the readers. Thanks to you all, G.R.!!

Sunoco was only a purchaser of oil. Look to the operator for natural gas & it’s by-products.

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You can find who has been selling the production on the OK tax site (Gross Production). Always go back to the operator if you have questions. They are ground zero. You may have to chase down the other products companies for payment. (Please add your range to your descriptions above. They are missing. )

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Hey Gary,

We have interest in WEHLU wells in the neighboring section. We were paid for gas by Superior Pipeline Co in 2020. They might be able to help as well. http://www.superiorpipeline.com/contact_or.html

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