Wells under name CAIN - one in Major County and 1 in Washita county

I inherited mineral rights (royalties?) from my dad, an Oklahoma native, 20+ years ago. I have looked at sites searching for information such as: Q…Is there oil, gas, shale, wells, on my mineral lot areas? Q…How do I see activity over the past many years. (I called Chesapeake last year and was told there is no current activity now or for many years for my mineral area). Then I received a check from them in the amount of $.99 end of December 2014. Q…What does it really mean to have mineral rights. Q…I recall in my initial receipt of these mineral rights when dad passed that the rights would not passed to my children but ends upon my death.

Basically I know very little about this industry. Not sure if my rights are for both wells or one of the two.

I have the feeling should I wish to sell my mineral rights (if I were even allowed to sell or transfer to anyone) the value would be neglible.

Can anyone enlighten me?


Connie Reeder

3509324598. CAIN 1-29. (AC) Drlled not plugged. 29 20 N. 13 W NW4. CSE4. Major County 351492088300 CAIN HSR Washita County. 1-26

Also found 3593245980001 NW SE C. ? This is directly under the name CAIN but instead of CAIN it’s blank

www.appsocceweb.com was the source of the above info. But I don’t know what this info actually means. Does it tell where the minerals are located etc??