Wells permitted but not drilled

In December 2014 Permits were approved for Apache to drill 4 wells on property that I have a small RI in. The wells are on the RRC drilling query site and Well # 1 even has a spud date of Feb 3 this year. However, there has been no drilling activity whatsoever on the site. How can I find out the status of the supposed wells? Is the permit good for two years?

Dear Linda,

I called the RRC last week to ask "how long does the Lessee have to drill a well after the permit(s) have been approved. The RRC said they have two years to drill. The proposed well locations I questioned are in Limestone/Robertson counties. Maybe it various from county to county? I don't know.

You can try calling the RRC and ask for Ryan Hejl. That's who has been helping me. Very helpful dude!

Good luck,


Hi, Linda -

If you will send me what you know about the Wells (names, legal description of the lands, etc) I will be happy to look them up for you.

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas