Wells in Love County OK

I am wondering why I can find a record on the Okla Oil+Gas GIS database which is in a section that I have interests in and have heard nothing about this well? I assume it is a spacing issue but I don’t know. Does anyone have more info than I do? There are two other active wells in the same section and I know nothing about those either. Thanks in advance Name BROWN Total Depth Current Operator OTC/OCC NOT ASSIGNED Gas Reporter Well Images Click Here Type OIL Status (AC) ACTIVE Location Construction Production Section 23 TWP 6S RNG 1E Latitude 34.02166 Longitude -97.1753 Elev Gr County LOVE NS Feet 550 From N/S S EW Feet 705 From E Here’s API#3508520363


There does not appear to be any active wells in the Section.

20393 was completed by Anshutz in 1980 in the Dornick Hills and Ferndale Formations Try Order 185535. I don't have plugging info. I doubt if it is holding acreage.

20363 was plugged in 1983 by Anshutz.

There is one very old well in the section but have no data easy to get to and I doubt it is active Try api 00020.

There is a permit in NENE Section 22 close by.

Do you also have acreage in ND?