Wells in a Spacing Unit

I have a simple question. How many wells (minimun & maximum) are allowed in a 1280 acre spacing unit in the Bakken in North Dakota

As I understand it, it takes only 1 well for the entire 1280 pool/spacing to be held by production, possibly indefinitely. I think the maximum would be limited by the economic feasability. I have heard that it may require 6 wells to effectively drain a 2 section well spacing. I don’t believe the state sets a maximum or minimum. I hope this answers your question. RWK

I am not sure but I have heard that the maximum is 6-8 wells due to setbacks for the wells. I think the setbacks are somewhere in the range of 1000-1400 ft and if you take into account that there is the three forks and bakken formations, you would end up having 3-4 in each formation. In some areas they have also drilled into the lodgepole formation but for the most part i believe 6-8 is around the maximum.

In this day and age of the eco pad in the bakken I don’t think the setback applies all the time. I know 1 well was drilled down directly through my minerals and legs into a section that I don’t have rights to. Not just close to my property but actually on my property.