Wells drilled in a Section

Looking to see if there are already wells drilled in Section 14-2S-3W or Section 23-2S-3W or any info on upcoming drilling there? Thanks.

No applications to indicate pending drilling activity. Echo is planning a well just east. We the leasing going on, I’d say there are plans, but nothing filed yet.

Okay thank you

I have mineral acres in the same location. Got a lease offer from Echo Energy but when I called they said there is an issue with title. So Im not sure exactly whats going on.

Parts of Carter county are tied up in old water flood units of shallow horizons, so any drilling at deeper reservoirs requires a huge amount of title work to see which sections or parts of sections are actually available to lease. I have tracts that have small parts of my tracts held by the WF units and small parts that are open. You can sometimes find those units on the OCC site. Type in your section township and range with leading zeroes if needed and the unit will pop up. Maps are hidden in all the documents. OGUnitization

2302S03W has at least part of it held by the Graham Deese UT and the Fox Townsite Deese SU.

It looks like Sec 23-02S-02W is part of the Continental proposal to unitize the Woodford common source of supply. Are there any reasons why one would not want to approve this unitization?