Wellbore Easements

Anyone been approached about obtaining a wellbore easement? If so, what counties and what amounts offered? First time I've heard of this particular easement. From what I've found about them it's basically a one-time payment and typically there won't be any royalties paid even if minerals are owned because the portion of the wellbore won't produce.

I believe these are common with the longer allocation horizontals. For example, if the first take point is not where the wellbore is, you wouldn't be getting royalties, and they are using your land to put the rig when it starts down, and then goes horizontal off your land. I have been offered $20k for one, several years back but they decided to move the drill site onto the lease they had.

Thank you!

Dear Ms. McCurdy,

They are actually quite common in many parts of the country. It does NOT have to be necessarily a one time payment. It is up to your (or your consultant's) skill in negotiation and the fact situation as it presents itself.

I blogged about this around a year ago. The blog is located here:


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Buddy Cotten