Well workover activity

Re: Section 1 T15N R13W Well: Watts 1H-0136X

2020-2021 were down years, but 2022 and the future appear better. Can we expect any work over activity for Wells completed in 2017? Is there a way for me to track that possibility?

This well looks like it is producing normally according to the production information. Horizontal wells have a fairly steep decline in the first few years. The normal volume decline is overlain by the prices for the products. You might have infill drilling in the future. If so, then if your name is filed properly in the county courthouse in Blaine, you will be notified of any pending increased density hearings pertaining to the section.

I do not see any current cases.

You have helped me in the past, thanks again. And yes I meant infill not workover. I’m glad this forum is running well. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.