Well status and production

In a November post a gentleman asked for information on why a well he has interest in went

from good production one month to "o" production the next month. A person with the name

Snues produced a spread sheet going back to Feb. 2013 to the present. I am wondering how I can get a print-out of a well in Robertson county, Texas. My operating company has changed my landman and I would like him to get settled in before asking too much.

The well in question is Callaway well No 1H (API No 42-395-31902 ). This well became

"sanded-in" in May and June of 2013 and had to be cleaned out with a special rig on two occasions. Production at that time was down 84% over the previous two months. Now the well is down 61% over it's September output. Can anyone on this forum tell me anything about this well? And does anyone know what "sanding-in" is and what the process is to remedy the problem. If Snues will get in touch with me I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks to all for your help.

William gordon