Well Spud

Can someone please help me understand what is meant by a Notification of Well Spud and what the date listed actually means?? I found a form that mentions my property, but have not received any real information from the company itself outside of a Division Order (Relief Sought).

Thanks in advance.

Well spud means they started drilling the well on that date.

Okay, they can do that? We haven't negotiated anything.

Do you know your section township and range?

section 1, 14N, 13W in Blaine county.

That is a salt water disposal well. Not a royalty well.

If your S-T-R is 01-14N-13W and the new well is WEST BLAINE 1-1 SWD, then yes they can as your property has been producing since 1978. If there was no provision for renegotiation for subsequent wells or a depth clause in the original lease.

If you are also the surface owner then yes, you should have negotiated some sort of agreement prior to their entry on your property.

In other words, your negotiation was likely concluded decades ago.

How and where do you find such info.

Triumph Energy Partners LLC has horizontal well spacing pending before the OCC. Mississippian and Woodford. You should be getting notices of the pending dockets. If you are not, then you need to find out why not. Inheritance, etc. I see your name on the respondents list. But they may have your address wrong.

If you are held by production by vertical wells, then there will be no new negotiation for any new leases for new wells. Your previous terms prevail. Since you mentioned a division order, you probably are already held.


Type in 0114N13W in the location box and you will see all wells pertaining to your section.

So are you saying that if they are building a horizontal well, there is no extra compensation? even though they are doing more damage to the land.

Right now they are using a pad for a saltwater disposal well. The surface lease may have been negotiated years ago. However, if your land is in the NE corner, pad for the SWD is over on the cental west side and you won't get paid. If you own in the SW 4, then you may need to find out.

A horizontal well is usually drilled from the edge of a section. We don't know the pad location of that future well yet.