Well Shutdown - Why?

My royalties were small which I expect during winter, however looks like one is shut down. How can I find out why? The well is Flatbow 729 - 26H. There is also Flatbow 731-26H, and Flatbow 003-26XH all in Campbell County Wyoming. Only been running about 5yrs. Thanks.

Those wells were never very good wells and they are just about done with. I show they did produce in November, but only about 25 bbls/day each. It may be that your monthly royalty has fallen below the minimum level for checks to be written. Many companies won’t issue checks until the accumulated royalty exceeds a certain minimum, like $25 or $100. I’m not sure what EOG’s policy is.

These wells produce from the Turner sandstone. The real upside in this are is in the Niobrara and Mowry shales. There are some very good shale wells not too far away and they were drilled by EOG. In my opinion EOG is as good of an operator as you could hope for. Hopefully they will figure out a way to make the shales work in your area.

Thanks. Could this be why I’m getting calls to purchase our rights? They have to know the same info you do so why would you want mt rights if they’re almost done? Thanks.

Talked to EOG about no royalty payment on one of the wells. Found out they did fracking in Oct/Nov and are waiting for a new rig.

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