Well released from confidential status

#27057 - HUNT OIL COMPANY, SIOUX TRAIL 160-101-36-25H-1 was released from confidential status on 07-30-14. IP shows 268 bopd.

I would appreciate it if someone could provide more detailed production numbers for this well. Also, if anyone might know how many frac stages this well has, or where I might find that information.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

You might put all the particulars in www.fracfocus.com and see if it has been made public there!.

Dr. Drew,

Here's what I found on the ND oil & gas web page (subscription only)

The well began producing at the end of March. Total barrels produced 9,205 bbls; barrels sold 8,522 bbls (as of June). Total gas production 1,709 MCF all of it flared and over 12,000 bbls of water produced. Of course most of the water is from fracing the well.

Total frac stages was 25. Production zone - middle Bakken.

The well free flowed for about a month, but now has a pump, as of April 21, 2014.

The entire well file is available for viewing/download and other information via subscription to the "Basic Services" on the ND Oil & Gas web page...cost is $50/year.

Hope this info helps.

Try the North Dakota Oil website https://www.dmr.nd.gov/oilgas/

or the Rocky Mountain Oil Jounral is a monthly newspaper that give stats.

Got my questions answered.

www.fracfocus.com is certainly an interesting website.

Thanks for the replies everyone.