Well Proposal - Metcalf #25-1WH, Section 25-18N-3E, Payne County, Oklahoma

Newbie here - didn't know my family had mineral rights in the area:

From Calyx Energy:

Proposing drilling Total Vertical Depth of 4170 feet and anticipated Total Measured Depth of 8570 feet or to a depth sufficient to horizontally penetrate the Woodford formation.

Choices are:

  1. 250 per net mineral acre bonus, 1/8 royalty, 3 year term,
  2. 200 per net mineral acre bonus, 3/16 royalty, 3 year term,
  3. 100 per net mineral acre bonus, 1/5 royalty, 3 year term, or
  4. No $ per net mineral acre bonus, 1/4 royalty, 3 year term.

Can this be negotiated higher? What is the average (good) terms for this area?

Which is the best option and anyone have any information about this proposed drill?

We have the same well metcalf 25-1wh. went with 3/16 royalty. we also have 5 other wells as well. congrats