Well Proposal - How to proceed

I just received a well proposal from Trailhead. I don’t know this stuff at all and would appreciate any help in choosing the correct way to proceed. Location is 12E-8S-2E and All of Section 7-8S-3E

Any one else receive this with the 3 participation options? Is there already a thread on this? Thanks!

That is a typical form letter sent out before pooling and drilling. You do not have to answer it. I don’t answer them, but I do keep them for reference. They usually indicated that pooling will be soon and the offers will be close to those numbers. You can choose to lease with that company or you can lease with someone else if there are others in the area.

You should have gotten quite a few mailings from the OCC about the pending cases for coming wells. If not, contact the following: For Section 7 and Section 12.

XTO ENERGY, INC. 22777 SPRINGWOODS VILLAGE PKWY., LOC. 115 SPRING, TX 77389 Contact Name: ERIC HUDDLESTON Contact Phone: 405-232-3722

The initial hearings are in the next few weeks (unless they reschedule) and they will then do the pooling afterwards. If you have already leased, then you will not have to worry about the pooling. If you have not leased, then you have time to lease now or wait for pooling. Pros and cons to each, but I do not mind the pooling.

Thank you very much!