Well Production Info in Grady Co

I am looking for help in finding production info for 2 Grady wells in Sec’s 27 & 34 with the operator Casillas Petroleum. The well names are under Verdugo and at one point I was able to view some preliminary info on the OCC website but now I cannot find any production data. The wells were completed June 2018 and still waiting for D.O’s. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Please give the complete section, township and range for the wells.


Gives the production for the last “12 months”

Thank you! I found it but for reference it was Grady Sec 34-5N-5W & Sec 27-5N-5W. The site doesn’t show any production since Nov of 2018 so I assume they are late in their reporting??

Quite often running late. But now you can look up the operator and fuss at them for being over 180 days late in payments. Ask for your interest by return receipt certified letter. That usually gets them moving.

So I read in one of your prior posts that the interest changed from 6% to prime as of Nov 1st 2018. Does this mean production sold prior to Nov 1 would receive the 6% then 4.5% on sales thereafter or is it only 4.5% for all sales because the law went into effect Nov 1 and the request for interest is being made after the law changed?

D. 1. Except as otherwise provided in paragraph 2 of this subsection, where proceeds from the sale of oil or gas production or some portion of such proceeds are not paid prior to the end of the applicable time periods provided in this section, that portion not timely paid shall earn interest at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum to be compounded annually, calculated from the end of the month in which such production is sold until the day paid. 2. a. Where such proceeds are not paid because the title thereto is not marketable, such proceeds shall earn interest at the rate of (i) six percent (6%) per annum to be compounded annually for time periods prior to November 1, 2018, and (ii) the prime interest rate as reported in the Wall Street Journal for time periods on or after November 1, 2018, calculated from the end of the month in which such production was sold until such time as the title to such interest becomes marketable or the holder has received an acceptable affidavit of death and heirship in conformity with Section 67 of Title 16 of the Oklahoma Statutes, or as set forth in subparagraph b of this paragraph. Marketability of title shall be determined in accordance with the then current title examination standards of the Oklahoma Bar Association.

I think it is based on the production time frame, not the request time frame.

Ok great this helps when I send in my request for interest. Thanks again Martha for all your great help!