Well production dropped to nothing

Can anyone tell me why the Michael well’s production in S11-6N-7W dropped to basically nothing for the month of December ‘22? More fracking?? Thanks for any info!
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I suspect they shut it in while they fracked the LAUREN 0607 10-3-1MXH… S10-6N-7W


Completion report for the LAUREN 0607 10-3-1MXH… S10-6N-7W Posted today


Thank you Don! I wish I knew how you find this information and the best places to look to stay on top of all this! :heart::heart:

Don, what does the "1MXH attached to this location mean and the S in S10-6N-7W? I don’t think I have seen locations given that way.

#1 Mississippi Xtra Horizontal well.

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“S” is for Section 10.

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